Announcing a new me

Hi. My name is Emily. No I’ve not taken over this blog for the day. I’m still the same author but a while ago I came to realize I’m a woman so my old name didn’t fit any more.

Don’t panic I’m still doing mostly the same things as before. Just with less background noise in my head so things are a lot better.

Family, friends, and colleagues reading this

Waves. Don’t panic. Call me Emily, refer to me as her and we will continue to get along fine.

People who know me from social media

Still me, still have the same interests. May be interspersed with more politics and trans rights bits but otherwise business as usual.

People who know me from github

If you use any of my GitHub projects that account will be changing over shortly. Import paths may change. In theory they should redirect everything though so we will see how that goes.

People who’ve never met me

Waves. Hello. Not sure why your here but some of my other posts can be found on the home page may be more interesting.

Frequently asked questions

Q: What does your wife think?

A: Confused but supportive and trying her best. I’m extremely lucky.

Q: What does your son think?

A: Its pretty much the new normal for him. He is young enough that this is just something that happens.

Q: How has work been?

A: Utterly fantastic. They have been better than I could have dreamed of.

That probably covers everything you need to know for now. So in summary: My name is Emily, I’m Trans and doing pretty well.


PS: Thank you to all the amazing people who have helped me over the years as I’ve been dealing with this.